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Flat roof installation in Kent

We were asked to install a flat roof in Kent recently. The existing roof had a lead and had to be removed.

Old leaking roof: Scaffolding for safe access is necessary.

Remove old felt covering.

Sweep thoroughly

Important: Fascia boards need examining at this stage. These are completely rotten and need removing. If they are left in place, we have to fix the edge of the new roof to the rotten fascia boards and this is NOT good.

If left like this, 🐝 and wasps or birds 🦅 can nest through the holes where rotten.

Fascias removed and Joists inspected.
New 18 mm T & G boards with new pressure treated tilt fillet and timber to for m
over hang .
New Boards with New Replacement PVCu Fascia Board.
New Aluminium Soakers where flat roof meets pitched roof.
2nd Layer is now on with formed edges into
gutter . This is the 3rd and final layer being applied.

These flashings are mechanically fixed to keep the source of heat (used to melt the SBS backing of the felt) away from main roof.

Left side: Finished with tiles put back in place. Right side: Neighbours roof, the join is 100% waterproof.

Finished, ready for scaffolding to be dropped.New formed edge running into new guttering.
Right Formed Corner, Prevents wind blowing rainwater off the roof, directing
in to new gutter.